The Growatt wind power controller with dump load is applied to rectify frequency-variable output voltage of wind turbine generator to DC voltage before feeding into the grid-tied inverter. It protects the inverter against excessive voltage and runaway accident from the wind turbine, by feeding the excessive voltage and power to the dump load.

Growatt 4500 WPC

Suitable wind turbine 3kW
Input voltage range (phase to phase) 0-400VAC
Max input current 15A
Output voltage range 0-550VDC
Max output current 12A
Dump load voltage 330VDC
Protection level IP 65
Cooling concept Natural
Dry contact NO & NC
Interface RS 485
Dump load
Max power 4.5kW
Dimensions (with dump load) 500*685*152 mm
Weight (with dump load) 20kg
Operating temperature -20℃~+45℃
Relative Humidity 0-100%
Altitude <2000 m